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Deutsche Schule Kobe/ European School (DESK) offers an attractive and challenging education from Pre-Kindergarten to Middle Years.

Being committed to providing an exceptional education, we foster international mindedness, critical thinking, inclusion and respect for diversity, and the willingness to act with integrity and compassion.

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Deutsche Schule Kobe/European School has two branches: the German branch and the European branch. In the European branch the language of instruction is English, but children

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These are our latest news. Archived News are in School Blogs navigation bar.

  • Languages
  • Saturday School

All teachers at DESK are responsible for facilitating language development.

Language is an expression and a product of culture. By learning a language children are more able to understand and participate in cultural activities. Children are therefore encouraged to cherish and develop their mother tongue. Learning more than one language, children are given the means to become open minded citizens of the world.

In DESK, German and English are used as languages of instruction. For children who speak Japanese as a first or second language, the school provides Japanese language classes based on the curriculum used in Japanese public schools. Japanese, English and German are also taught as foreign languages.

Read our Language Policy below.

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The Saturday school of Deutsche Schule Kobe/European School is a Saturday morning school open to children with an English, German or French speaking background. Spanish is currently being considered for the near future.
This course is designed to meet the demand from parents for an English, German or French program structured to the specific needs of children who desire to master the language or to enhance their skills.

We offer classes to children from pre-school to Grade 9. The school year consists of 30 weeks with 2 terms. Lessons are conducted by our qualified native teachers based on the curriculum designed according to the students’ year level and competency. In addition to our educational program, we hope to provide an opportunity not only to the children but also to the parents to become a part of the foreign community by joining our Saturday School.

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  • Pre-K
  • Early Years
  • Pre-School
  • PYP
  • Middle Years
  • Others

Pre-Kindergarten class is for children from 2 to 3 years old, irrespective of the language spoken at home, and it prepares the children for Kindergarten. Children can attend the class, which is conducted in English, 3, 4, or 5 days a week (parents can choose the days) and enrollment is possible any time of the year.

The Pre-Kindergarten school year is divided into three trimesters.

1) Colors and Shapes
2) Animals and Food
3) Body and Family

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The children in the Early Years are from 3-5 years of age, and come from all over the world. The curriculum followed is the IBO PYP programme, which the children spend two years studying before they graduate to Pre-school. Over the course of two years, students will study 8 PYP units that provide a platform of inquiry into the main trans disciplinary themes of the PYP.

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Deustche Schule Kobe, European School is aligned with the German curricula and therefore children aged 5-6 years are enrolled in Preschool (children aged 6-7 belong to Grade 1).
Primary School guarantee a smooth transition  from kindergarten to school.

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The curriculum of the school is driven by the Units of Inquiry found in the PYP Programme of Inquiry. Every year we carefully reflect and consider whether we should change the UOI based on the reflection. The curriculum offers a holistic and encompassing approach to the learning of academic, social, emotional and physical opportunities and challenges of learning. The students learn in a integrated, collaborative, hands-on, purposeful and service/action orientated learning environment.  Learning is led by inquiry through 6 conceptual , transdisciplinary themes.

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The decision to embark on the path to Middle School came about after years of planning and preparation. It will start small but will grow and become as enriching as the school’s PYP program. In general, we have small classes throughout the school and, in the Middle School, the anticipated ratio will be no more than 10 students to one teacher. Grade 6 and 7 will be available in 2015/2016. Grade 8 in 2016/2017, Grade 9 in 2017/2018 and Grade 10 in 2018/2019.

A new building will be constructed, annexing the current one and is to be completed in April 2016. The building will be a flexible learning environment, adaptable to different learning experiences and group sizes. Our learning spaces reflect an optimal use of technology as a tool for learning and living.

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Check other academic offers from DESK such as Saturday School, Specialist Classes, Summer School or Extracurricular activities.
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School Blogs

Latests posts for each class. You can access all blog contents from the navigation bar.

New Toy in Early Years

Early Years got a new toy from Germany. All Early Years children are very excited!

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Music Blog 4

Our unit at the moment is “How the World Works” and students are learning about materials. In music class this week, the children combined what they learned about magnets and music. They are showing...

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The Year Of The Monkey

Monkey Hunt by Early Years

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art project winter

After painting black paper with white colour the children of Early Years used marker to draw snow men, sleds and other winter related objects.

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Making Mochi!

Our whole year unit, “Sharing the Planet” includes the line of inquiry, “What plants give us.” One of the most widely used (and eaten!) plants in Japan is the rice crop. Today one student’s...

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grade 3 and 4: A School of Fish

A group of fish is forming a school of fish to gain strength in a safe community

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2016-02-02- Math- Minecraft Shape & Space

In our Shape & Space unit the students have been learning about nets, plotting coordinates and naming various 3D shapes. The students used a Minecraft environment to display their knowledge in a construction task.

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Grade 4 Postal Service Assembly

The grade 4 students reintroduced the DESK Postal Service which is being run by the grade 3 & 4 classes. The students did a great job in the planning and preparation of this service....

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Unit 3- DESK Postal Service

The students in grade 3 and 4 are currently running a postal service at the school. This is part of their inquiry into how goods and services are exchanged, as well as learning about...

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Unit 3 – Needs & Wants

As part of our marketplace unit, the students reflected about the things that they NEED in their life, and the things they WANT.

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St.Martin’s Day is celebrated in Germany and in in other countries around the world on November 11th. According to legend , Martin was a Roman soldier who showed great kindness to other people and...

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Sweet Potato Digging

On Friday, October 9th the Pre-K, Early Years and Pre-School classes went on a field trip to a real field up on Mount Rokko. The field belonged to the Peace and Nature Non-Profit Organization...

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Music Lesson Blog no.2

The Early Years and Pre- Kindergarten students had their first experience playing the xylophone.

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Sports Day with Pre-K and Early Years

On Wednesday, September 23rd the Pre-K and Early Years Students, along with some of their parents showed off their athletic skills at this year’s Sports Day. We had a beautiful sunny day and were...

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Start of the new school year

The Pre-Kindergarten children had an exciting first month of school, meeting new and old friends and teachers ! They were very busy making new discoverieson the subject of colours and shapes. Sorting, pasting, stamping,...

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School Facts

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​Number of students (excl. Pre-K and Early Years)


​Rate of Students with foreign parent(s)

​6 to 1

​Children/Teacher ratio in Pre-K/Early Years


​Average students per class


​Foundation Year in Kobe


​​Million JPY. Cost of our Competitive PYP Tuition Fee

Upcoming Events

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Osaka Christmas Market

On November 20th, 2015  Deutsche Schuke Kobe kids from Grade 1 onwards are invited to the opening of Osaka Christmas Market.
There they will perform traditional German and international Christmas songs under the direction of Mrs. Kanzawa and will later…

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Sankt Martin

On November 13th, 2015 we will celebrate St. Martin at our school.

Students will learn about the story of St. Martin and listen traditional songs while eating a Weckmann.

This event is particularly popular…

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