DSKI Calendars

DSKI Event Calendar

6 (Wed)
Enrollment Party
8 (Fri) Parent Night
18 (Mon) Sports day
(Oct 11th (Wed) in case of rain)
27 (Wed) PYP Assembly
October6 (Fri) Whole school trip
7 (Sat) Oktoberfest
9 (Mon) No school
16-20 (Mon - Fri) Parent-Teacher-Conferences
21-27 (Sat - Sun) Autumn mid-term holiday
November1 (Wed) PYP Assembly
2 (Thu) School Photograph
10 (Fri) St. Martin
17 (Fri) Osaka Christmas Market (G1 - 6)
23 (Thu) Open Day
24 & 25 (Fri & Sat) In school PD Workshop (No students on Fri)
29 (Wed) PYP Assembly
December15 (Fri) Christmas Market (School) - school ends at 1pm
16 - 8 (Jan) (Sat - Mon) Winter Holiday
January9 (Tue) First day back to school
24 (Wed) PYP Assembly
31 (Wed) End of first term (Term reports go out on the 2nd Feb (Fri))
February5-9 (Mon - Fri) 3-Way Conferences
12 (Mon) Open Day
17 (Sat) Hyogo Foreign School Music Festival (Students to participate to be announced)
28 (Wed) PYP Assembly
March1 (Thu) Hinamatsuri Doll Festival (Early Years)
3 - 11 (Sat - Sun) Spring mid-term holiday
14 (Wed) Cross Country Run (G 3-6)
19-23 (Mon - Fri) Book & Culture Week
21 (Wed) Sponsor's Run
23 (Fri) Book character day
28 (Wed) PYP Assemblies (EY in the morning/Primary in the afternoon)
April6 (Fri) Easter Egg Hunt (EY)
25-27 (Wed - Fri) Spring trip (G3-6)
26-27 (Thu & Fri) Sleepover (Preschool -G2)
28 - 6 (May) (Sat - Sun) Golden Week Holiday
May14-18 (Mon - Fri) PYP Showcase (18th Fri - the presentation day)
16 (Wed) Open Day
26 (Sat) International Kids Day
June11-15 (Mon - Fri) Student-led Conferences
29 (Fri) End-of-Year Party
Term reports go out, school finishes at 1:00 pm

2018/2019 DSKI Event Calendar

Our event calendar for the 2018/2019 school year has also been released. To see the calendar please see the link below:

Download 2018/2019 Event Calendar