DSKI Staff

At DSKI, all Primary Years and Middle Years homeroom teachers are fluent English or German speakers and are qualified to teach in their home countries (currently New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, South Africa, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany).


Frank Pitzner

Languages: German, English and Dutch
  • First and Second State Exam (teaching qualifications) at University of Cologne, Germany
  • Post-Graduate Masters of Arts (School Management) at University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
  • Worked as a teacher at various schools in Germany
  • Nursery and Primary Principal at German International School The Hague
  • Primary Principal at Internationale Friedensschule Köln/Cologne International School
  • Nationality: German
  • Enjoys sailing, kayaking, hiking


Mark White

PYP Coordinator
Languages: English
  • Bachelor of Education (Hons) Leeds University - Environmental Studies
  • Masters Degree in Media Assisted Language Learning and Teaching ( MA MALT)
  • Previous work experiences include teaching all primary ages in Kuwait, Bahamas, Dubai and Japan.
  • Originally from Norfolk, UK
  • Joined DESK in September 2012
  • Enjoys gardening, learning the guitar and cheese


Playgroup & Pre-Kindergarten

Anita Mönch

Early Years - Pre Kindergarten/Playgroup
Languages: German, English, French, Japanese
  • Diploma Sorbonne Universite Paris
  • Teachers Certification for Foreign Languages Berlitz
  • Marketing Management
  • Berlitz School of Languages
  • Kobe University
  • HAKKO Group of Companies
  • Nationality: German
  • Joined DESK in 2005
  • Hobbies: Sailing, horseback riding, Traveling
  • Enjoys gardening, learning the guitar and cheese

Early Years

Azusa Nakajima

Early Years Coordinator
Languages: Japanese, German, English
  • State Examination (teaching qualifications: music / kindergarten) Germany / Japan
  • Worked at German Consulate General Osaka / Kobe
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Joined DESK in 2000

Victoria Kelly

Early Years/Kindergarten
Languages: English
  • Bachelor of Art in History and French
  • Master of Science in Education Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages and Masters of Science in Teaching
  • Previous work experience includes teaching all ages of students from infants to adults, specializing in language acquisition and learning, in the United States, Morocco, and Japan
  • Originally from New York, USA
  • Joined DESK in 2017
  • Hobbies/Interests include travelling, reading, dancing

Primary Years Programme

Lance Brabant

Homeroom Teacher Grade 2
Languages: English, Japanese, French
  • Bachelor of Arts Liberal - Nipissing University, North Bay, Canada

  • Bachelor of Education - Nipissing University - Primary /Junior / Intermediate / Senior Divisions (K-12)  

  • 7 Years as Lead Teacher/ Coordinator in International Kindergartens/ Early Years

  • Has taught in Japan since 2000

  • Joined DESK in 2013

  • Nationality: Canadian

  • Hobbies: Scuba diving, travelling, basketball, painting, video games.

Katelyn Boyle

Homeroom Teacher Preschool
Languages: English, Japanese
  • Bachelor of Arts in English & History
  • Master of Education with Globalization & Education Research Emphases
  • TESOL certified
  • Nationality: American
  • Joined DESK in 2013
  • Enjoys musical theatre, story writing, and reading classic novels.

Maria Elena Jamandra

Homeroom Teacher Grade 1
Languages: English, Filipino and Indonesia (conversational)
  • Bachelor in Secondary Education major in English - Siena College, Philippines
  • Master of Arts in Literature (units earned) - Philippine Normal University
  • Previous work experiences include teaching primary, secondary and university students in the Philippines and Indonesia and facilitating IB online workshops (since 2014)
  • Nationality: Filipino
  • Hobbies: reading novels and listening to soft music

Anne Rose

German Homeroom Teacher Preschool, Grade 1 & 2 / GFL
Languages: German, English, Japanese
  • First and Second State Exams (teaching qualifications) at Pädagogische Hochschule Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Worked as teacher at Silcherschule Eislingen, Germany
  • Volunteer at Lebenshilfe Göppingen, Germany
  • Nationality: German
  • Joined DESK in August 2011
  • Hobbies: Reading, swimming, music

Justin Rich

Grade 3 Class Teacher
Languages: English, Afrikaans, Thai
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • PGCE(international), University of Nottingham
  • I have worked with young people in South Africa, UK, Thailand and Japan.
  • Originally from Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Joined DESK in 2017
  • Hobbies / Interests include playing board games, Climbing (fake) rocks, Listening to stories & Drinking coffee.

Satya d'Amours

Grade 4 teacher
Languages: English and Japanese
  • Bachelor of Education - University of Victoria, Canada
  • Master of Education in Language and Literacy - University of Victoria, Canada
  • Previous work experience includes teaching in Canada, Japan, and Singapore
  • Originally from Victoria, Canada / Sapporo, Japan
  • Joined DESK in 2014
  • Hobbies / Interests include photography, trying out new cafes and restaurants, owls

Daniela Rost

German Teacher grade 3 to grade 6
Languages: German and English
  • Bachelor of Education and Teaching German as a Foreign Language (double major), University of Jena, Germany
  • Master of Education in Education and Teaching German as a Foreign Language (double major), University of Jena, Germany
  • Previous work experience: 2009-2013 Seoul, South Korea, 2013-2015 Penang, Malaysia, 2015-2017 Shanghai, China
  • Originally from Jena, Germany
  • Joined DESK in 2017
  • Hobbies / Interests include Photography, Scuba Diving, Hiking, Traveling

Shanthi Veerashingam

Grade Five and Six teacher
Languages: English, Mandarin, Berhasa Melayu, Tamil, Hokkien
  • Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education Monash University 
  • Diploma in Primary Education, Singapore Institute of Education
  • Diploma in Electronics Engineering, Singapore Polytechnic - Micro-electronics
  • Previous work experiences include teaching all early years and primary ages in Singapore, UK, China and Taiwan.
  • Originally from Singapore
  • Joined DESK in September 2016
  • Enjoys crafting, up-cycling and reading


Tomoko Endo

Japanese as Foreign Language
Languages: Japanese, English
  • B.A in English Linguistics-Kansai Gaidai University
  • Mastered the studies the 420 hours
  • Advanced Skills of Teaching
  • Japanese Language Course
  • Passed the Japanese language Teaching Competency Test
  • Worked as Japanese language teacher at several Japanese language schools in Japan, Taiwan
  • Also worked as English teacher at Shogakukan Academy (a cramming school for 2 years old children to 9th graders)
  • Joined DESK in September 2010

Tamiyo Oyama

Japanese Kokugo
Languages: Japanese, English
  • B.A in Education for Elementary Education, Special Education, Music Education in Junior High School.
  • 440 hours of training for teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language
  • Worked at schools in Japan, Peru and N.Z
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Joined DESK in 2007
  • Enjoys Japanese History in ancient times

Hiroko Yoshida

EAL/EFL Coordinator and Japanese Liaison Coordinator
Languages: Japanese, English
  • B.A. in English Linguistics - Niigata University, Japan
  • Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language - University of Alberta, Canada
  • M.A. in Teaching English as a Foreign Language - University of Brighton, U.K.
  • Worked in a variety of schools/institutes in Japan and U.K. PYP Schools in Dubai and Japan
  • Joined DESK in 2012
  • Enjoys ballet, drums, ukulele
Our Kokugo and Music Specialist

Mari Sukegawa

Music and Kokugo
Languages: Japanese, English
  • B.A Japanese Linguistics-Joetsu University of Education
  • Previous work experience includes teaching in Japan and Singapore
  • Course for Science of Child Development
  • Joined DESK in November 2017
  • Originally from Japan
  • Hobbies / Interests include reading, photography, watching movies, drawing a picture

Lachlan Waite

Physical Education
Languages: English
  • Bachelor of Science (Sport & Exercise) University of the Sunshine Coast. Postgraduate Diploma of Education, Queensland University of Technology
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Technology, University of Otago
  • Previous work experience includes teaching all primary and secondary ages in Australia, United Kingdom, India, New Zealand and Indonesia
  • Originally from the Sunshine Coast, Australia
  • Joined DESK in: 2017
  • Hobbies / Interests include cycling, track and field, surfing, art history, art, design, music and Japanese food



We will be introducing our new interns soon!


Yasuyo Masada

Office Manager
Languages: Japanese, English
  • Majored in Hospitality Management at Webber International University in Florida
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Joined DESK in 2005
  • Hobbies: Traveling, eating, shopping, watching movies, reading

Miyuki Inubuse

School Accounting Secretary
Languages: Japanese, English
  • Associate Degree of English Literature, Shukugawa Gakuin College
  • The Official Business Skills Test in Bookkeeping, 2nd Grade
  • Cambridge English: First (FCE)
  • Worked as an account and a secretary in Japan and Singapore
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Joined DESK in 2014
  • Enjoys nature walks, cafe hopping

Hiroshi Misumi

Languages: Japanese
  • Nationality: Japanese
  • Joined DESK in 2017
  • Big fan of the Hanshin Tigers