Our Programmes

The Deutsche Schule Kobe / European School provides a unique, multilingual education to learners ages 2 to 11. To meet the unique needs of our learners, our school provides curriculum in two languages: German and English.

Two Branches

DESK has two main branches: German and European (English language). Though learners spend most of their day together in an integrated classroom with both English- and German-speaking homeroom teachers, math and language instruction occurs in either German or English.

Holistic Learning

“Learning by head, hand and heart”

~ Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi


We provide an environment that nurtures the academic, emotional, social, physical and creative growth of children of all ages, cultural backgrounds and experiences. As an IB World School, we strive to ignite a passion for lifelong learning and a desire to make positive change in the world.

Environmental Connections

We strive to instill a love of nature in our students through environmental awareness and taking action. Learners acquire practical knowledge by cooperating in the care of our eco-friendly school house. Children participate in our school gardening, recycling and composting programs, in addition to taking excursions out into the natural world.

A True Community

Education is a task we share with their parents and with the wider community.  We are united in our aim to foster life-long inquirers, who are internationally minded, think critically and are willing to act with integrity and compassion. We celebrate our community.