Winter Camp Frequently Asked Questions

Is there German language support available?

Most of the instruction will be in English, but there will be German speaking teachers available for support at Winter Camp. Coding can be done in German as well.

Is there Japanese language support available?

We encourage Winter Camp students to learn English through immersion. Some camp instructors have intermediate Japanese language skills, but the majority of the Winter school will occur in English. All of the activities can be done with little Japanese experience. Coding can also be taught with Japanese support, if necessary.

What is coding?

Coding is an umbrella term used to describe the computer languages that programmers use to make animations, websites, apps, games and software. Computer code comes in many different forms, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Ruby, but the basic logic and mathematical thinking skills used for each are similar.

Learning how to code helps children develop logical and complex problem-skills. Additionally, coding is an extremely attractive skill to have in a growing, international market.