Schulvorstand 2017/18

Ferdinand Spannan


Nationalität: Deutsch

Nachdem er 1976 in Deutschland geboren wurde, schloss er die  High School in den USA und Deutschland ab. Nach einem einjährigen Zivildienst am Goethe Institut Rothenburg, erreichte er den akademischen Abschluss des B.Sc. Industrial Engineering (Universität Hamburg) und Master of Business Administration (Manchester Business School). Er ist verheiratet mit einer Japanerin und gemeinsam haben sie drei Kinder am DESK. Ferdinand lebt seit 2005 in Japan und leitet die lokale Abteilung eines deutschen Kühltechnikunternehmens. 

Tala Fabic Noel

Vice Chairman

Nationality: Filipino

Born in 1977 in the Philippines, Tala graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering (University of the Philippines).  After working briefly in Australia, Indonesia and Philippines, Tala moved to Japan in 2000. She is married and has 3 children – 2 of whom have studied at the school (David for 8 years and Ysa for 7 years) and Anika who is currently enrolled at the school. Tala is an operations manager at the research & development division of a multinational FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) company.

Christoph Pantel


Nationality: German

My name is Christoph Pantel. I am a German national, was born 1978 in Berlin, am married to a Chinese lady and have a seven year old daughter and a ten year old son. I hold two commercial degrees, one from Italy and one MBA from Australia. My work experience ranges from business development and marketing, supply chain management, financial controlling to SAP/IT project management. I lived almost 15 years outside of Germany, most of the time in China, Italy, USA, Malaysia and now Japan. I am strongly motivated by complex challenges and love to engage with people. As hobbies I like to bicycle, read books, make and listen to music and socialize with people.

Nicolas Brabeck

Vice Treasurer

Nationality: German

Nicolas was born in 1976 in Germany and graduated from high school in Germany before earning an academic engineering degree (Dipl. Ing.) in aeronautics at the University of Applied Science, Hamburg. His wife is from Venezuela and they have 2 children enrolled at DESK (Gr. 2 and 4). He has been living in Japan since October 2016 leading the Japanese aftersales service division of a German company. Nicolas speaks four languages and has lived in Germany, the US, Indonesia and China and his children went to the German school in Shanghai, China, before coming to Japan.

Jan Wolfstieg

Other Board Members

Nationalität: Deutsch

Jan Wolfstieg ist deutscher Staatsangehöriger und lebt schon lange in Kobe. In seinem Arbeitsfeld, einem japanischen Ingenieurbüro, verwaltet er die technische Dokumentation  und ist verantwortlich für die ASME Zertifizierung des Unternehmens. Davor arbeitete Jan am DESK und sah die ersten 5 Jahre der Grundschule. 2014 kam er zurück um seine älteres Kind in die Obhut des Pre-KG zu gebes. Jans Hobbies sind Familie und Seekajak fahren. Als Vorstandsmitglied liegt Jan's Bemühung in der anhaltend hoch professionellen und hingebungsvollen Arbeit des Lehrpersonals zum Wohle der Kinder.

Jim Mansfield


Nationality: American

Born in 1966 in the United States, he began his honorable service as a member of the 9th Engineers support Battalion, commissioned with the USMC United States Marine Corps at Quantico Virginia. And with the Leadership skills that he developed and learned during his time in the military he continued his education earning a Master of Education in Teaching English as a Second Language. He is married and has two children, his daughter Priscilla is currently at the school. Jim is the Education Director of LTA Publishing Network which produces and supplies ESL related testbooks to the University COOPs in the Kansai area. He also Lectures at KCUFS University in Kobe and he enjoys being a volunteer in his daughters Girl Scout Troop, also he helps with activities at his local church group.

Olivier Tillier

Other Board Members

Nationalität: Französisch

Ollivier, 43 Jahre alt, ist ein französischer Staatsbürger und lebt mit seiner Frau und Familie seit 4 Jahren in Kobe , die 2 Kinder am DESK haben. Er hält einen Abschluss in Ingenieurwesen und arbeitet für Airbus Helicopters und ist sowohl leitender Direktor für Japan als auch Leiter des operativen Geschäfts in Nordasien. 

Frank Pitzner


Frank Pitzner, the Principal / Schulleiter of the DESK International School Kobe

Nationality: German

Frank holds the German State teaching qualification (First and Second "Staatsexamen" = Masters equivalent) as well as a Post Graduate Masters in School Management. He has been a teacher for over 20 years (grade 1 to grade 10) and has worked as an administrator since 2000. He started his career abroad as the Nursery and Primary School Principal at the German International School of The Hague. After almost 8 years there he went back to Germany to become the Primary Principal of Cologne International School (World IB School), a school with a bilingual approach. He stayed there for 6 years. He is married and has two sons.