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DSK International offers a wide range of after school extracurricular club activities. From sports, to arts, to computer science and much more we feel there is something for everyone.

We are now pleased to announce that our clubs are also open for external children to attend.

Confirmed Clubs and Fees

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for a club this term. The clubs we have running this term are:

Makers Club
(Japanese Calligraphy)
Soccer (G1 - 3)
Soccer (G4 - 6)

If you still want to join it’s never too late to sign up! Each club has 14 dates (except for Science which has seven 90min lessons).

If you join before the first 7 lessons are over the fee is ¥20000.

If there are 7 or less club dates left, then the fee will be ¥10000.

Schedule and Transport

Students will be supervised while having a snack between the end of classes and the start of the club activity at 15:45. Most clubs finish at either 16:30 or 16:45. There will be no buses at this time to transport your child home, so try to carpool with other parents.

Sign Up

To sign up for a club activity please use the Online Sign Up form on the right of this page or the link below. You can also download the information PDF, fill it out and submit it to . The information PDF is also available on the right of this page.

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Club Life

Learn new skills, make new friends and have fun.

Sports Clubs


Learn the fundamental skills needed for Football.

  • Teacher: Mr. Lachlan Waite
  • Age: Grade 1 - Grade 6 (Jr & Sr are split)
  • Group size: 4 -12

Improve the physical, mental and social skills of our students through basketball.

  • Teacher: Mr. Lance Brabant
  • Age: Grade 1 - Grade 6
  • Group size: 4 -14

Arts and Crafts Clubs


For students who are interested in developing their artistic talents.

  • Teacher: Mr. Lance Brabant
  • Age: Grade 3 - Grade 6
  • Group size: 4 - 10
Japanese Calligraphy

Learn how to write words with a traditional Japanese calligraphy brush.

  • Teacher: Ms. Tamiyo Oyama
  • Age: Preschool - Grade 6
  • Group size: 4 -8
Sewing & Craft

Learn how to make your own shirt/blouse, bag, pillow cover and more!

  • Teacher: Ms. Daniela Rost
  • Age: Grade 2 and up
  • Group size: 4 - 8
Baton Twirling

Learn body coordination and rhythmic expression with the use of a baton.

  • Teacher: Ms. Katelyn Boyle
  • Age: Pre School - Grade 6
  • Group size: 4 - 10

Develop skills such as problem-solving, organizing, and planning by construction.

  • Teacher: Ms. Satya d'Amours
  • Age: Preschool - Grade 4
  • Group size: 4 - 8

Science and Engineering Clubs


Learn to code and develop projects using Scratch, HTML & CSS and Python.

  • Teacher: Ms. S Veerashingam
  • Age: Grade 3 - Grade 6
  • Group size: 4 - 15

For younger students interested in engineering, building and simple coding (Scratch).

  • Teacher: Mr. Todd Irving
  • Age: Pre School - Grade 2
  • Group size: 4 - 10

Explore the world through the eyes of a scientist and learn through experimentation.

  • Teacher: Mr. Justin Rich
  • Age: Grade 3 - Grade 6
  • Group size: 4 - 8


Additional Private Lessons

German Lessons

German tutoring for beginners or advanced students of all ages, group or private lessons.

  • Teacher: Ms. Anita Moench
  • Email:
  • To book or for more information please use the below link

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Japanese Lessons

Private or small group tutoring for Kokugo or JFL students of all ages with a qualified Japanese teacher.

  • Teacher: Mrs. Chinatsu Brabant
  • Email:
  • To book or for more information please use the below link

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Piano Lessons

Learn to play the piano or improve your skills with a professional piano teacher.

  • Teacher: Ms. Azusa Nakajima
  • Email:
  • To book or for more information please use the below link

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Timetable and More Details

For more information about the details of each club, please see our information PDF.

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If you have any questions please get in touch.