Enrolment Questions

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If a class is full or you are not offered a place, the applicant may be placed on a waiting list. You will be contacted if a place becomes available.

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Before the interview with the principal:

1) Please submit the Application Form (with trial fee of 20,000 yen) or complete the online application form.

This is the first important step for your application. We will contact you to let you know we have received your application and organise a date to come in and meet us and the principal.

Before the trial day:

2) Report or recommendation if the child is enrolled in a nursery or kindergarten at the time of application or, if the child is enrolled in a primary school at the time of application, the 3 most recent report cards, including

  • An explanation of the grading system if the school attended is not a German school/if an explanation is not included in the report cards
  • Translations if the documents are in a language other than German or English

The reports or recommendations

3) Student Health File

These documents have to be submitted one week before the trial day at the latest.
 Students can only be admitted after all required documents have been submitted and the application process has been completed.

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Please be patient and we will be in touch very soon with the news of acceptance. If your child is accepted and there is a place in the year group available, we will let you know the next steps for accepting your offer.

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DESK reserves the right to deny admission or ask students to withdraw from the school if;

  • important information during the admission process is withheld (in severe cases there will be no refund of school fees already paid)
  • the students’ needs cannot be met by DESK’s programmes or services
  • the students’ skills in the language of instruction is so low that they are unable to work in a class with their peers and/or do not have adequate time to develop their skills in the language of instruction before they graduate
  • the students’ behavior compromises the education of other students or endangers their health and safety
  • school fees are not paid according to regulations (see Fee Structure)

If a class is full, the applicant may be placed on a waiting list. Payment of the registration fee will guarantee a place in the school once there is an opening.



If you have any other questions about enrolment, please get in touch!